Favorite Food

Though I enjoy eating a number of things, cheesecake is one of my all-time favorite foods.  We rarely have it so it is a real treat.  I am originally from the state of New York which is known for cheesecake so I believe it is in my blood. This is a piece of chocolate raspberry cheesecake and was quite delightful.


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We had a thunderstorm today and received a small amount of much-needed rain.  As my husband and I were driving, we spotted this lovely rainbow at sunset.  To me nothing is calmer than a rainbow  because it is God’s promise to us that He will never again destroy the whole Earth with a flood.

I took this picture in the car at a traffic light in the city with many light poles and wires around.  It turned out fair for the circumstances.


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Letters in Nature

This is an Anhinga.  It is spreading it wings to dry because they are not able to waterproof their feathers. To me its wings look like the letter “M”.


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This is the Morris Island Lighthouse.  You can see another photo of it here. The Lighthouse stands all alone about 300 yards off shore. It is now completely surrounded by water but was once sitting on a good-sized island with numerous buildings around it.


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Letters in Architecture

This is the Letter “A” and it is also an arch.  So I will give myself two points. 



This evening a dear friend invited me over to her house where I had the privilege of meeting two adorable kittens that she rescued from a shelter.  They are siblings and each already has their own personality.  


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Our area has been blessed this year with just enough rain and plenty of sunshine. Many people have had enjoyed bountiful crops this season.  My neighbor planted a large garden next to our house.  People think it is our garden so I thought that it would be appropriate to take a photo of it and use it for my theme today.


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How many hearts do you see in this pic? This is a gate in Charleston.  There were so many intricate little things that I enjoyed about visiting that city.


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Here is a closer look at the steeple from yesterday.  There were many intricate details like the little cherubs. 



This is the steeple of St. Philip’s Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina.  The current church was built in 1838.  It is a prominent landmark of the city standing 201 feet (61 meters) tall.

St. Philip’s was so prominent that it was a prime target during the War Between the States.  Ten or more shells entered its walls. The chancel was destroyed, the roof pierced in several places, and the organ demolished.

Also in 1861, the eleven bells in the steeple were commandeered by the Confederate military cause to be melted down and re-cast as weaponry and ammunition. They promised to provide new bells to the church at the war’s end.  However, with the surrender of the Confederacy, the church also surrendered their hope of hearing the melodious chimes again.

After over 100 years passed, four ladies decided to work to return the bells. It took them three years but in 1976 they were able to raise enough money to replace four of the bells which were cast in France. The chimes sound beautiful and are an integral part of the culture of this enchanting city.